One of the pleasures of traveling around the world is to discover the gastronomy of the different existing cultures. The Mediterranean area has tasty traditions that, although they are very similar in their ingredients, differ completely in their final result, endowing the Mare Nostrum basin with an almost infinite range of delicious dishes.


The Costa Cálida is one of those Mediterranean areas whose flavors are a real pleasure for the senses, and the gastronomic routes of Mediterranean Unique Experience are the best option to discover the excellent tapas of the Region of Murcia.



The Region of Murcia is known in Spain and beyond its borders as “the market garden of Europe” due to the extensive production of fruits and vegetables. But Murcia possesses more delicacies: the delicious products obtained from the pork enjoy an unbeatable popularity and are one of the gastronomic jewels of the Region of Murcia.


Although these pork products were born centuries ago to preserve the meat, the “embutidos” are still part of the Spanish culture. In fact, no one knows these land until these generously spiced morsels are tasted.


The most popular of these delicacies, longaniza, is a sausage made with lean pork chopped and bacon that is marinated with spices such as black pepper, paprika or oregano. This mixture of meat and spices is introduced into an elongated pig gut to be consumed in different ways. Although it is very common to fry it for its juicy result, the most traditional way of tasting is drying the sausage for several days to cure its meat. The cold meat that you get has an excellent flavor, and enjoying it with a bread and a glass of wine makes it a top of the most exquisite.


Another of the morsels that can be found in each “ventorrillo” in Murcia is “blanco”, a sausage that is made with bacon, lean meat and pork head in thick cut seasoned with salt, white pepper, ground anise and egg. Both cooked and slightly passed through a hot plate tastes delicious.



Very similar to the Catalan “butifarra” for its dark color, the butifarra of liver is also one of the sausages that are most demanded in the excursions to the numerous restaurants of typical mediterranean food in Murcia. This cold meat is made, as its name reveals, with pork liver as well as its lean meat, blood and bacon. Try some slices of a good liver sausage is essential in any gastronomic tour in the area.



Do you want to enjoy the authentic Mediterranean dishes with the best quality products? Do not wait any longer and discover with the tours and excursions of Mediterranean Unique Experience a world full of succulent tapas that will surprise you.


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