Mediterranean Unique Experience opens the reservation of places to enjoy the tourist route “Illustrious Women from Cartagena”, which will be held on March the 9th to commemorate International Women’s Day. The tour aims to mark the most famous women of the city. This guided tour will have a special cost of 5 euros and the benefits will go entirely to the Association of United Women against Abuse.


The tourist route “Illustrious Women from Cartagena”, activity that takes place within the music festival “+ Q Musas Fest”, organized by the City Council, aims to promote equality through a tour that gives visibility and pays tribute to women who have been protagonists of important episodes in the history of Cartagena. The route, designed by the official guide Ramona Escarabajal, consists of a tour through the streets of the city in which these famous women wrote their lifes.


Carmen Conde, Maria Dolores Bas, Santa Florentina, Sister Francisca Armendariz, Maria Tomasa Antera or “Charito”, anecdotal character in Cartagena during the last century, will be the protagonists of this itinerary. There will be also important figures from ancien times such as Himilce, wife of Anibal, and Cornelia, powerful wife of Scipio “the African” who stood out as one of the intellectuals of the time despite being a woman. The route will not forget the Virgin of Charity and the legend of how she was saved from the brave sea in a great storm upon her arrival in Cartagena.


The duration of the route “Illustrious Women form Cartagena” will be 3 hours aprox. and will begin at 10:30 am in Plaza Jaime Bosch. Reservations to enjoy this activity can be made on the Mediterranean Unique Experience website or calling us on 628 328 292 and 606 111 021.


The “+ Q Musas Fest” festival will be held in the Faculty of Business Sciences of the UNiversidad Politecnica de Cartagena on March the 9th and will cunt on the performances of La Bien Querida , Loka Flores and Fantabulosa Dj. The money raised from the sale of tickets will be also donated to the Association of United Women Against Abuse.




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