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Culture in Cartagena and Murcia

The best cultural offer in Cartagena and Murcia
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The millenarian port city, Cartagena, is the gateway to the Mediterranean and the intense history of Europe, its empires, warriors and artists.

You will find, hand in hand with the best official guides, the traces of each civilization, the stories that have made it an extraordinary tourist destination.

We have an extensive offer of guided tours to all the emblematic corners of our culture in Cartagena and Murcia, which we adapt to the preferences and needs of our clients.

Our goal

We want visitors to fall in love so they need to tell where they have been when they return from their trip.

Culture in Cartagena and Murcia

Mediterranean Unique Experience

Cartagena was Roman

The Roman presence in Cartagena lasted six centuries and was a time of undisputed splendor for the city. Under the city of the present there are still Roman remains that attest to that splendor in archaeological sites that are still growing: the Roman Forum, the House of Fortune, the Decumano, the Augusteum and, of course, the jewel in the crown: The Roman Theater.

Cartagena Art deco

The flourishing mining stage of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries gave Cartagena economic importance and its own belle époque. The urban modernization came with the construction of numerous modernist and eclectic buildings. Bourgeois houses like the Casa Maestre, palaces like the Zapata House and public buildings like the Palace Hall make Cartagena a modernist city of great importance.

Other cultural routes in Cartagena

Paleontological Cartagena

Did you know that the rocks and stones with which Cartagena has been built houses curious witnesses?

The fossils and paleontological remains that we can find in the city are the thread of this interesting journey, in which we can see the monuments of the city from another perspective accompanied by a true expert.

Minas de La Unión and Flamenco Show

Come with us to the La Union Mining Park, a redesigned space that invite visitors to tour the sites where so many miners have worked to remove the precious minerals from the bowels of the earth. Enter an authentic mine and feel the emotion and passion of the flamenco songs that were born in its galleries.

The bay is the heart of the city of Cartagena

Tourist boat tour and visit to the Christmas Fort

If the bay is the heart of the city, no visit to Cartagena is complete if you do not cross its calm waters. We invite you to know for yourself the Christmas fort, one of those that mark the mouth of the port and made Cartagena an impregnable place for a century.

Can you imagine what the garrison’s daily life was like?

and we also offer a magnificent tourist route through the City of Murcia

Tourist route City of Murcia

The capital city of the Region of Murcia has much to offer for those who are interested in knowing its history, its heritage and its culture. A stroll through its streets gives us the chance to recreate its Andalusian origins in the layout of the historic center, to marvel at its cathedral, witness the flow of time, and admire the beautiful Baroque carvings of Salzillo.

A great Religious Culture in the Region of Murcia

Religious tourism

Religious manifestations are another way of knowing the character and culture of a people. Murcia’s religious heritage is outstanding. Discover it following the footsteps of the confreres of Holy Week in Cartagena, visiting the hermitages of the capital city, visiting the holy city of Caravaca de la Cruz or admiring the massive sanctuary of the Virgen de la Esperanza in Calasparra.
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