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Enjoy the best Gastronomy in Cartagena
We have designed a variety of gastronomic routes
in Cartagena and Murcia, so you can enjoy the flavors
of the region tasting products of the best quality.
The base of our cuisine has its essence from the famous Murcian orchard and the Mediterranean and Menor Seas that bathe our coast.

Fruits, vegetables, fish and meats of first quality are appreciable in our typical traditional markets.

In Murcia and Cartagena you can taste millenary recipes or fusion food, especially tapas, increasingly present in bars.

History wanted Romans, Phoenicians and Arabs to leave their culinary imprint and traditional cuisine that has passed down from generation to generation, fostering the cultural mix and flavors that characterize it.

Imagine a place where the freshest and most diverse fruits of the garden marry the products offered by the Mediterranean and the Mar Menor.

That is the cuisine of the Region of Murcia.

In the mountainous interior, the fertile plain of Segura and the field of Cartagena we will find wines, fruits and vegetables of unique flavor. From the sea, we have the first quality fish and seafood. The traditional cuisine of Murcia has been able to use them according to different cultural influences.

Nowadays, the combination of this wide range of products, the inheritance received and the commitment to a gastronomy of flavor has resulted in a culinary Mediterranean culture of the highest quality.


What can you eat in Cartagena?

The offer is very large; we have from mixtures of past times to modern design combinations. Our cuisine ranges from the typical dishes of the area, such as the michirones, the Caldero, the pork montadito with tomato sauce, the broth with balls and the Zarangollo, to the most modern and surprising, for the eyes but even more on the palate.

Of course, you have to try the desserts; the paparajote is famous in Murcia and in Cartagena the Cartagena cake, which magically combines hair merengue
angel, sponge cake and meringue, our favorite is in Kuss, on Calle del Carmen.

Finally, you must taste the typical cocktails of Cartagena: La láguena, a mix of dry anise and sweet wine in equal parts. El reparo, instead of anis it contains cognac to which it is added sweet wine. For coffee lovers, the star recipe: the Asian Coffee, the special coffee combination of Cartagena whose origin has several endearing explanations that it is better to listen to in the bars where they serve it.

Route of tapas in Cartagena

Few Spanish customs have as much international acceptance as the tapas culture has. The best way to taste the different products and elaborations of the land is to travel through the historic center of Cartagena. A great (and tasty) cultural immersion.

The vermouth, the wines of the countryside, now the craft beers and the recipes of our coffees, make an aperitif last until the night or a coffee break finish in a dinner of snacking. The Jara street in Cartagena is a good place to soak up this Spanish culture. Here we can start taking a tapa at La Fuente, try the anchovies! Then go to the beautiful winery La Uva Jumillana and ask for some bravas. In front of La Uva you find La Bodeguilla, with an endless menu of tapas and wines, then the Nimú, innovative and daring, there is also the Zócalo who gives its Andalusian touch to the corner and at the end of the street, in front of Gran Hotel, you can see El Tranvía, with amazing tapas and hamburgers.

When looking towards the “Puertas de Murcia” we come across another row of shops, La Tartana stands out in its modernist salmon building and in front of it, in Calle Intendencia, frozen in the time, you will find El Barril del Tapeo, Las Casas del Rey, a 16th century building. Until the end of the pedestrian area the gastronomic offer is immense, we have an endless list of favorites; you can cool off and delight in El Vinagrillo at Calle Canales and in Juan XXIII square, in A la Brasa, the arcades and A la Barra.


Special wine tasting in Cartagena

Wine tasting with pairing Gastronomy and wine are a fundamental part of our culture. We invite you to get to know Murcia better in our wine tastings in which an expert will present to you different pairings, putting emphasis on the product of the land. The province of Murcia has three Denominations of Origin: Jumilla, Yecla and Bullas. The Monastrell grape is the queen and the red wines are great quality. We collaborate with several well-known wineries for their incredible wines. We organize visits to the grand Bodega Juan Gil and the renowned Bodega Monastrell, each broth being unique and of the highest quality. Wine lovers will appreciate the tasting in the vineyards.


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