We take you by the hand to discover our

Holidays Events in Cartagena and Murcia

We take you by the hand to discover our regional celebrations
In the region of Murcia we have a wide range of
local festivals where you can learn about the culture
and customs of its inhabitants. Let’s go together !
The calendar is full of marked dates and, your visit can coincide with an especial holiday.

Festivities and musical events, markets and characters that fill our streets with color and life.

The Carnival of Águilas with more than five hours of parade, the Holy Week whose carvings, decorations and bands do not leave anyone indifferent; the Bando de la Huerta that celebrates the arrival of spring.

The artistic Street exhibit of Mucho Más Mayo and La Mar de Músicas who preceed the famous International Festival of Cante de las Minas de La Unión.

In September comes Carthaginians and Romans, reproduction of International Tourist Interest of the Second Punic Wars.

Before Christmas, we have the week of Modernist Exhibition that remember the splendid Art Deco past of Eastern Spain.

Easter of Cartagena

If there is a time of the year in which Cartagena shines with its maximum splendor, it is undoubtedly in Holy Week. Between the months of March and April, with the beginning of spring, the city lives for ten days the most anticipated holiday. During the previous weeks, the acts of the different brotherhoods take place and the Cartagena people are involved in a vortex of preparations. Walking through the streets of Cartagena during these days is a pleasure. The air smells of orange blossom and the atmosphere of the city feels special.
Our processions are declare of International Tourist Interest, they begin on Friday of Dolores, feast of our patron saint the Virgin of Charity, being the first procession that takes place in Spain those days. Thus, night after night, we represent the different scenes of the Passion of Christ. The wealth of their thrones carried on the shoulders of the people, the military order in the parade, the art in their carvings and embroidery, the flowers and the light, join in the most deeply rooted and traditional sample of popular faith.

Carthaginians and Romans

In September, after the summer, when the temperatures soften, the Carthaginian and Roman festivals declared of International Tourist Interest begin. Ten days we represent in which the battle between Carthaginians and Romans.
The inhabitants of Cartagena, are divided into troops and legions and they dress in armor and costumes typical of the time. They perform, in the most emblematic enclaves of the city, a number of performances such as The Foundation of Quart Hadast, The Weddings of Hannibal and Himilce, The oracle of the goddess Tanit, the mercenary auction and the battle, in which they reveal the history of this three-thousand-year-old city.
During the night, you can enjoy the atmosphere in the festive camp, where gastronomy, music, the medieval market and fair attractions, coexist with the activities of troops and legions in which all attendees are invited to participate.
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